Don’t Put Up with An Old Garage Floor

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garage door paint

A garage floor can get very dirty very quickly. Even if you started out with a brand new house and a clean and pristine concrete floor in your garage, after you drive in and out of it a few times in your car it will start to look grubby from mud from the car tires and from marks left by dirty shoes as you step out of your car. Then, over time, you will suffer dents where things are dropped on the floor and if you have an oil spillage this will add to the dirty appearance.

garage door paint

In addition, you will often find that a garage often becomes a dumping ground for all kinds of things which you don’t have room for in your house and before you know it your garage is full and you can hardly get your car in it.

Then are several things you could do to upgrade your garage floor. First of all make sure you remove all the clutter and your garage will immediately look better. A garage sale may be in order to get rid of all the extra stuff.

After that, clean the floor and fill the holes and dents in the concrete to make the floor smooth again.

Finally apply special epoxy floor paint suitable for garage floors. This paint is tough and will not flake and peel as other paints might. Choose a color that will cheer you up as you enter your house if you like.

Another way to upgrade your garage floor is to use a rubber floor mat or rubber floor tiles. You can use a mat in combination with floor paint and position it under your car. You can then take the mat outside and hose it down to keep your garage clean. With floor tiles you would generally cover your whole garage floor. You can either choose all one color or use two colors to make a checkerboard pattern.